Postpartum Support


Many families can be overwhelmed at the thoughts of bring home your new baby. Many of us have moved away from their family and may not have the support needed during the first few week. A postpartum doula I can be that support! I can help you transition into your new normal. Whether it is your first or your 5th I will fill in where needed. Helping the whole family transition and adjust to their new roles.


Lactation Counselor

*Counsel and educate pregnant women and mothers regarding breastfeeding.


*Conduct comprehensive assessment of mother and child related to breastfeeding.


 *Develop a care plan specific to the needs identified through assessment and counseling.


 *Assess the needs of women and babies who are at risk of, or currently experiencing lactation difficulties, providing care and triaging referral to other care providers as needed.

Placenta Encapsulation

Starting June 2017